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Diflorasone diacetate ,CAS no 2557-49-5


Diflorasone diacetate ,CAS no 2557-49-5 

English name: Diflorasone

CAS Number: 2557-49-5

Molecular formula: C22H28F2O5

Molecular weight: 410.45

EINECS number: 219-875-7

Traits: white white crystalline powder

Content: 99%

Packing: 100 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams

Shelf life: 24 months

Uses: pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, this product is corticosteroid anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy drugs. Mainly used for psoriasis, contact dermatitis, coin-shaped eczema, chronic hand, foot and dermatitis, sweat herpes and so on.

This product is a corticosteroid preparation, anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritus, immunosuppressive and vasoconstriction. This product is 6α-flupomethasone diacetate, topical pharmacological effects and betamethasone and its derivatives similar to the corticosteroid hormone treatment for a variety of effective skin diseases, can reduce the symptoms of inflammation and itching.

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