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High Quality Sodium dichloroacetate, DCA. Pharmaceutical Grade 99%, CAS No.: 2156-56-1


Medicine Grade Sodium Dichloroacetate, DCASodium

Cas no.:2156-56-1 
Assay:99% min 
Appearance:White to light yellow crystalline powder

Sodium dichloroacetate, commonly referred to simply as dichloroacetate or DCA, is a buffered form of dichloracetic acid. This synthetic chemical compound has gained attention because it shows some potential as a cancer treatment. The buffered form of dichloracetic acid is not an acid and can be taken by mouth without causing burning. Sodium dichloroacetate is not an FDAapproved drug and so is not readily available as a pharmaceuticalrade product. Consult with your doctor if you are interested in this potential treatment, which is still in the early research stages. 

Certificate of analysis

Main Function  

The only confirmed medical use for sodium dichloroacetate is for removing warts and other skin growths, according to the American Cancer Society. Researchers have tested it on humans for decreasing lactic acid buildup, or lactic acidosis, in rarediseases involving metabolism or caused by severe head injuries and malaria. Side effects have been a problem with this possible treatment.