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antineoplastic medicine TOLPERISONE HYDROCHLORIDE/midocalm Cas: 3644-61-9


Tolperison Hydrochloride 3644-61-9

English name: Tolperisone Hydrochloride

Molecular formula: C16H23NO · HCL

Molecular weight: 281.83

Traits: This product is white crystalline powder, a smell. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in acetone, almost insoluble in benzene or ether.

Quality Standard:

A, National Drug Standard WS-10001- (HD-1072) -2002

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Content: ≥99.0%

Melting point: 174-178oC

Loss on drying: ≤0.5%

Residue on ignition: ≤0.1%

Acidity: 4.5-5.5

Heavy metal: ≤10ppm

Clarity: clarification

B, in line with Japan JP15 Pharmacopoeia standards

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Content: ≥ 98.5% (calculated as dry product containing C16H 23NO · HCl)

Melting point: 167-174 oC

Loss on drying: ≤ 0.5%

Residue on ignition: ≤ 0.10%

Acidity: 4.5-5.5

Heavy metals: ≤ 20ppm

Clarity: clarification

Hexahydropyridine hydrochloride: ≤ 0.1%

Sulfate: ≤0.005%

Role and use: central muscle relaxants, dilated blood vessels, for cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebrovascular accident.

Tolperison Hydrochloride Analysis


Tolperisone hydrochloride is a kind of medicine for relax central muscle, dilation of blood vessels, used in the symptom as cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebrovascular accident.