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GMP Factory Supply Spartium Junceum Extract Cytisine 98%, Cytisine/Sparteine/Baptitoxine


High Quality Organic Natural Cytisine 98%/Spartium Junceum Extract Nature Cytisin

1. Name of ProductCytisine

2. Plant Origin and Distribution:

Cytisine, White needle crystal, Melting Point 152~153 ºC, can sublimate, soluble in water, acetone, methanol, ethanol, hardly soluble in petroleum ether. It is a pyridine alkaloids, toxic
at high doses. whose pharmacological activity is similar to nicotine, but with rather low toxicity. 
3. Latin Name: Thermopsis lanceolata R.Br.

4. Active Ingredients: Cytisine
5. CAS No.: 485-35-8
6. Specification: HPLC 98%, 99%
7. Appearance: Fine yellow to white powder

Analysis sheet

Main Function

1.It can substitute nicotine action, reducing and eliminating the smokers dependence on nicotine to achieve the purpose of smoking cessation.
2.With a respiratory stimulant and booster effects on the cerebral circulation;
3.With the function of pharmacological, such as anti-arrhythmia, anti-microbial, anti- infection, anti-ulcer, elevated white blood cell;
4.Has strong anti-cancer activity;
5.With significant regulating activity on plant growth;
6.With the function of expectorant and antitussive,it shows good effect on treating elderly patients with chronic cough;


1. As raw material of health products for smoking cessation medicine and cough medicine., it is widely used in health industry.
2. As emergency medicine for treating respiratory failure, it is widely used in pharmaceutical field.