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Peganum Harmala Extract CAS 442-51-3 Harmine 98%


Peganum Harmala Extract CAS 442-51-3 Harmine 98%

English name: Harmine

Latin name: Peganum harmala L

Source of Extract: Tribulus terrestris L. Peganum harmala L. seed of Peganum harmala L.

Camel: Camellia has a wide range of pharmacological effects, mainly on the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, muscle, ion channels have a role, as well as antibacterial, lower body temperature.

Appearance: light yellow needle crystal

Standard for Enterprise

Size: 100% through 80 mesh sieve

CAS No.: 442-51-3

Molecular formula: C13H12N2O

Molecular weight: 236.7

Application: tablets

Physical and chemical properties: Melting point 262-264 ° C (lit.)

Detection method:

Specification: 98% HPLC

Extraction process: alcohol extract

MOQ: 10G


1) Radiation protection.


2) anti-encroach effect.


3) anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipruritic effects.


4) inhibit the role of cellular immunity and humoral immunity.


5) anti-psoriasis effect.


6) anti-tumor effect.

Central nervous system stimulants