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lotus leaf extract powder/ nuciferine


 Lotus leaf extract powder/ Nuciferine

1.Product name: Lotus Leaf Extract

2.Active ingredient:Nuciferine

3.Botanical source: NelumbonuciferaGaertn

4.Biogenic origin: Wild in jiangnan north China

5.CAS NO.: 475-83-2

6.Specification:2%,98% Nuciferine

7.Molecular formula: C19H21NO2

8.Molecular Weight: 295.41

9.Characters:Brown-white powder

10.Solubility:Good solubility in water.

11.Usage: weight control

Lotus leaf extract powder Analysis

Function( Lotus leaf extract powder )


Lotus leaf extract has the function of weight control.


Lotus leaf extract can adjust blood lipids, codeine and expectorant.


Lotus leaf extract is used as anticoagulant and antidote in medicine.


Lotus leaf extract has strong effect on lowering the blood pressure, and lotus leaf P.E. has become popular to lower blood cholesterol ,treat fatty liver and promote blood circulation.



Application ( Lotus leaf extract powder )


1.In both animals and humans, low doses of various Tripterygium extracts can produce significantly lowered sperm density and motility indices without major side effects.

2. Many of the side effects are caused by the other active compounds found in the plant, and do not appear when a pure extraction of the antifertility agents is used. 

3.In addition, the dose required to lower fertility is significantly lower than the standard medicinal dose.